Working Papers

Carol Mershon and Denise Walsh. Gendering Political Science:  Strategies for Organizing and Advancing Diverse Women in the Profession, August 2013.

Carol Mershon. Parties and Elections as Instruments of Reconciliation in South African Democracy. In Kate Lefko-Everett, Rajen Govender, and Don Foster, eds. Reconciliation in South Africa after Twenty Years of Democracy. Book project with Human Sciences Research Council Press. May 2015 version of chapter, book project accepted for publication June 2016. 

Carol Mershon. The Political Determinants of Health in South Africa. September 2015.

Carol Mershon and Denise Walsh. Coalition Building to Advance Diverse Leadership and Redress Discrimination in Political Science and Law and Social Sciences. In Kristen Monroe, ed. Book project in honor of David Easton. March 2016.

Carol Mershon. The Political Determinants of Public Goods Provision in South Africa. April 2016.

Carol Mershon. The Political Determinants of Health: Elective and Chiefly Authority in South Africa. September 2016. Supplementary Information