Honors Political Theory – November 2001

PLPT 490H G. Klosko
Honors Political Theory Cabell 248-B
Fall 2004 Phone:4-3092
Hours: Monday 11:00 – 1:00, gk@virginia.edu
and by appointment

Books have been ordered at the University bookstore and should be purchased. Articles are
on line on the class toolkit page.

1. Plato, Republic, (Hackett, paperback). (Sept.1 ) (Also: read Protagoras and Gorgias, any

2. Aristotle, The Politics (Penguin, paperback) (Sept. 8).

3. T. Hobbes, Leviathan (Cambridge, paperback): Chaps. 1-18, 20-21, 26, 28-30, Review
and Conclusion. (Sept. 15).

4. J. Locke, The Second Treatise on Civil Government, in Two Treatises of Government
(Cambridge, paperback).

________, A Letter Concerning Toleration (Hackett, paperback) (Sept. 22).

5. J. Rousseau, The Basic Political Writings (Hackett paperback):
Second Discourse
Discourse on Political Economy (pp. 111‑127)
The Social Contract. (Sept. 29).

6. G. W. F. Hegel, The Philosophy of Right (Oxford, paperback). (Oct. 6).

7. R. Tucker, ed., The Marx‑Engels Reader, Second Edition (Norton, paper): 3-7 (3 or 4
times), 146-202, 203-17, 294-302, 319-29, 376-84, 403-17, 422-42, 469-500,
525-42, 681-717, 760-68 (Oct. 13) (no paper).

8. V. I. Lenin, The Lenin Anthology, R. Tucker, ed. (Norton, paperback): (Oct. 20)
State and Revolution: pp. 311-398;
What Is To Be Done?: pp. 12-38, 46-91, 112-114;
Two Tactics of Social Democracy: 120-147;
Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism: pp. 204-74.

9. J. Bentham: Selections, in Introduction to Contemporary Civilization in the West (on

J.S. Mill, On Liberty (Hackett, paperback).

P. Singer, “Famine, Affluence, and Morality,” Philosophy and Public Affairs, 1 (1972),
229-243 (Oct. 27).

10. J. Rawls, “Justice as Fairness,” Philosophical Review, 67 (1958), 164-94.

________, A Theory of Justice, 2nd. ed. (Harvard, paperback): Chaps. I‑III; IV: Secs.
33‑35, 38‑40; VI; VII: Secs. 66‑67; VIII: Sec. 77; IX: Secs. 78‑79, 82, 85‑7. (Nov. 3).

11. R. Nozick, Anarchy, State and Utopia (Basic Books, paperback): pp. 1 – 231 (Nov. 10).

12. W. Kymlicka, Multicultural Citizenship (Oxford, paper) (Nov. 17).

13. M. Weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (Scribner, paperback).
________, “Science as a Vocation,” in From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology
________, “Objectivity in the Social Science,” in The Methodology of the Social
Sciences (toolkit) (Dec. 1). (no paper).

14. M. Foucault, Discipline and Punish (Vintage, paperback). (Dec. 8).

15. L. T. Hobhouse, Liberalism, in Liberalism and Other Writings (Cambridge paperback)
(mini-session: Dec. 15) (no paper).


Papers each week, absolute maximum of five pages (250 – 300 words per page, or 1250 – 1500
words in all), due in my mailbox (258‑A Cabell Hall) by noon on Tuesday each week. In addition,
please send your paper by attachment to the entire class, by Tuesday noon. Please read
everyone’s papers before class.

Basic Secondary Sources on the History of Political Thought

G. H. Sabine, The History of Political Theory.

J. Plamenatz, Man and Society, two vols. (Machiavelli through Marx)

C. H. McIlwain, The Growth of Political Theory in the West. (Ancient and Medieval)

J. Coleman, A History of Political Thought: Vol. I, From Ancient Greece to Early

J. Coleman, A History of Political Thought: Vol. II, From the Middle Ages to the

M. Forsyth and M. Keens-Soper, eds., A Guide to the Political Classics: Plato to

M. Forsyth, M. Keens-Soper, and J. Hoffman, eds., The Political Classics: Hamilton to Mill.

M. Forsyth and M. Keens-Soper, eds., The Political Classics: Green to Dworkin .

I. Hampsher-Monk, A History of Modern Political Thought.

An extremely useful source on contemporary political theory is:

W. Kymlicka, Contemporary Political Philosophy, 2nd ed. (Oxford, 2002)

I have put these on reserve. Also useful are: Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica.

There is an enormous literature on each of the books and authors on the list.
Specific suggestions will be offered each week. For Plato, a few recommended sources

E. Barker, Greek Political Theory: Plato and His Predecessors (London 1918; rpt. 1947).
P. Friedlander, Plato, 3 vols., H. Meyerhoff, trans. (Princeton, 1959-68).
G. Grote, Plato and the other companions of Sokrates, 3rd ed. 3 vols. (London, 1875).
W.K.C. Guthrie, A History of Greek Philosophy, 6 vols. (Cambridge, 1962-81), Vols. 4-6.
R. L. Nettleship, Lectures on the Republic of Plato, 2nd ed. (London, 1901).
P. Shorey, What Plato Said (Chicago, 1933)
A.E. Taylor, Plato: The Man and His Work, 6th ed. (1952; rpt. Cleveland, 1956).