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Graduate Students for Hire

American Politics

Laura Blessing

Dissertation Title"The New Politics of Taxation: The Republican Party and Anti-tax Positions."  

Committee: Sidney Milkis, Dissertation Chair, Eric Patashnik, First Reader, James Savage, Second Reader and Craig Volden

Justin Peck

Dissertation: Recapturing the 'Aggressive Spirit': Congressional Reassertion Efforts, 1947-2002. 

Committee:  Jeffery Jenkins (Chair), Eric Patashnik, Sidney Milkis

Emily Sydnor


Dissertation title: Engaging the "Enemy:" The Political Interaction of Incivilty and Conflict Orientation

Committee: Nick Winter (co-chair), Paul Freedman (co-chair), Lynn Sanders, Brian Nosek (Psychology)

Comparative Politics

Susan Brewer Norman

Dissertation Title: From Rebels to Rulers, The Structural Origins of Revolutionary Order in the Andes, 1980-1998

Advisors: David Waldner (chair), Herman Schwartz, Daniel Gingerich, Luis Medina and Herbert Tico Braun (outside reader, History)

Daniel Nagashima

International Relations

Catherine S. Sanger

Dissertation Title:  "On the Origin of Commons: Great Powers and Property Rights in International Frontiers"

Committee:  Jeffrey Legro, Dale Copeland, and Todd Sechser

Emma Ashford


Dissertation title: "Crude Power: The Foreign Policy of Oil-Exporting States."

Committee: Allen Lynch (chair), Dale Copeland and David Waldner

Zuri Linetsky

Dissertation Title: “On Insurgency: The Social Origins of Rebel Military Strategy, 1983-2010″

Committee: John M. Owen IV (Chair), Todd Sechser, David Waldner.


Political Theory

Evan Farr

Dissertation Title:  "Compromise and Dissent: Toward a Model of Imperfect Legitimacy"

Committee:  Stephen K. White (chair), Lawrie Balfour, and Colin Bird.


Mary (Molly) Scudder

Dissertation Title: "Against Empathy: Aesthetic-Affective Dimensions of Deliberation."

Committee: Stephen K. White (Chair), Lawrie Balfour, George Klosko