Past Quandt Awards


Yuang Cao


Yuang Cao

Aurora Lofton

Aurora Lawton


Yaping Wang
For search in China and Vietnam on territorial disputes in southeast Asia.

Yaping Wang

Robert Kubinic
For continuation of his research in Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria on the role of businessmen in political change during the "Arab Spring" events.

Bob Kubinec

Samuel Plapinger:
For continuation of his research on the dynamics of internal conflicts, with case studies of the Jordan crisis of 1970, as well as cases in Oman and Eritrea.

Sam Plapinger

Sonal Pandya:
Associate Professor of Politics at U Va, for research in Bombay on how Foreign Direct Investment affects the status of women.

Sonal Pandya

Nicholas Favaloro:
For research in South Africa on the role of jazz in the anti-Apartheid struggle.

Nick Favaloro