Ph.D. Placement


Kyle Haynes, Purdue University
Molly Scudder, Purdue University


Tenure Track
Lindsay Flynn, Wheaton College (MA)
Adam G. Hughes, Pew Research Center Data Labs
Steven Liao, UC Riverside

Michael Poznansky, University of Pittsburgh — Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Term Appointments
Sarah Andrews, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA
Elizabeth Kaknes, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies, University of Michigan
Kenny Lowande, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in the Department of Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis
Nicole Pankiewicz, Political Science Department at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio as a Visiting Assistant Professor


Tenure Track

Susan Norman, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Emily Pears, Claremont-McKenna College
Justin Peck, San Francisco State University
Anand Rao, State University of New York at Geneseo
Shu-Shan Lee, Nazarbayev University

Term Appointments

Laura Blessing, Senior Fellow, Government Affairs Institute, Georgetown University
Steven Liao, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
Emily Sydnor, Visiting Assistant Professor, Southwestern University
Verlan Lewis, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Stanford University Department of Political Science
Derek King, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
Callum Ingram, Visiting Assistant Professor, DePauw University
Daniel Nagashima, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois


Tenure Track

Kathleen Doherty, University of Southern California (Price School)
Sebnem Gumuscu, Middlebury College
Molly Scudder, Texas Christian University
Kyle Lascurettes, Lewis & Clark College
Sarah Henary, Missouri State University
M. Joel Voss, University of Toledo
Robert Hamilton, Professor, US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks PA

Term Appointments

Laura Blessing, APSA Congressional Fellow
Katelyn Sack, NSF-sponsored postdoc
Catherine Sanger, Rector & Lecturer, Yale-NUS College
Justin Peck, Visiting Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University
Emily Charnock, Keasbey Research Fellowship (American Studies), Selwyn College, University of Cambridge
Emma Ashford, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Foreign Policy and Defense Studies at the CATO institute in Washington, D.C.


Tenure Track

Ana Alves, Lee University (TN)
Brandon Yoder, Old Dominion University
Justin Rose, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
John Baltes, Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan)
Ryan Guiberson, Air Force Academy

Term Appointments

Kyle Lascurettes, postdoctoral fellow, Mortara Center for International Studies, Georgetown University
Kathleen Doherty, postdoctoral fellow, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Vanderbilt University
M. Joel Voss, postdoctoral scholar and scholar in residence in International Studies and International Programs, North Carolina State University
Nina Barzachka, visiting asst prof, Gettysburg College


Tenure Track

Greta Snyder, Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)
Nadim Khoury, Al Quds-Bard College (West Bank)
Davis Brown, Maryville College
Daniel McDowell, Maxwell School, Syracuse University
Kyle Haynes, Webster University
Shino Watanabe, Saitama University (Japan)

Term Appointments

Lindsay Flynn, postdoc, Luxembourg Income Study
Justin Rose, visiting asst prof, Muhlenberg College
Kyle Lascurettes, visiting asst prof, George Washington University


Tenure Track

Nicholas Wheeler, Brigham Young University
Inham Kim, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Sebnem Gumuscu, Middlebury College
Caleb Verbois, Regent University
Stacie Pettyjohn, Rand Corporation
Hilde Restad, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Andrew Douglas, Morehouse College

Term Appointments

Lindsay Flynn, visiting asst prof, Rhodes College
Chris Ferrero, visiting asst prof, Seton Hall University
Sara Henary, visiting asst prof, Wake Forest University
Hiro Yamamoto, visiting asst prof, University of Washington


Tenure Track

Yaprak Gursoy, Bilgi University (Turkey)

Term Appointments

Sara Henary, James Madison Post-doc, Princeton University
Hiro Yamamoto, post-doc, UCLA


Tenure Track

Gar Culbert, California State Univ, Los Angeles
Anne Peters, Wesleyan University
Ryan Pevnick, New York University
Yasir Sari, International Ataturk Alatoo University (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

Administrative and Non-Academic

Gregory Miller, active duty US Navy

Term Appointments

Ilke Civelekoglu, visiting assistant prof, Dogus University, Turkey
Zachary Courser, post-doc, Boston College
Fatma Yaprak Gursoy, visiting assistant prof, Sabanci University, Turkey
Benjamin Mitchell, US Military Academy, West Point
Beken Saatcioglu, post-doc, Free University of Berlin
Nicholas Wheeler, visiting asst prof, Brigham Young University
Hiroyuki Yamamoto, visiting asst prof, Washington and Lee University


Tenure Track

Nidevita Bagchi, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Disalvo, City College NY
Dave Kearn, St. Johns University (NYC)
Jesse Rhodes, U Mass, Amherst
Beken Saatcioglu, Austin College (Dallas TX)
Rob Saldin, Univ of Montana
Ryan Saylor, University of Tulsa
Jon Shields, Claremont McKenna College

Administrative and Non-Academic

Kelli Joseph, Consultant at Energy Systems Consulting

Term Appointments

Zach Courser, 1 year visiting prof, Washington & Lee
Andrew Douglas, 3 year visiting asst prof, Loyola College of New Orleans
Gregg Lindskog, 1 year visiting prof, a SLAC outside Philadelphia
Fatma Yaprak Gursoy, post-doc, Sabanci University, Turkey


Tenure Track

Spencer Bakich, Sweet Briar College
Shamira Gelbman, Illinois State University
Steve Green, Toyo University, Department of International Economics (Tokyo, Japan)
Emile Lester, University of Mary Washington
Darby Morrisroe, St. Lawrence University
Joseph Nunez, Army War College (Carlisle PA)
Jon Shields, U of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Administrative and Non-Academic

Frank Sellin, US Foreign Service
Gerald Meyerle, research staff, Center for Naval Analysis
Evan Montgomery, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments
James Small, Cosecha, Inc. / USAID Franklin Fellow
Charmaine Yoest, Vice President for Communications, Family Research Council

Term Appointments

Jill Abraham-Hummer, 2 yr visiting asst prof., Wilson College
Nitu Bagchi, 1 yr visiting asst prof, Hampton-Sydney College
John Baltes, 1 yr visiting asst prof, William and Mary
Zachary Courser, 2 yr adjunct, Claremont McKenna College
Kelly Erickson, 1 yr visiting asst prof, Oregon State University
Dave Kearn, 1 yr visiting asst prof, Wesleyan College
Stacie Pettyjohn, 1 yr visiting asst prof Williams College
Robert Saldin, 2 yr post-doc Johns Hopkins University
Richard Skinner, 1 yr visiting asst prof, Allegheny College
Dennis Smith, 1 yr visiting asst prof, William and Mary


Tenure Track

Theodore Brown, Virginia State University
Eric Cox, Texas Christian University
Kathleen Ferrariolo, James Madison University
Dongryul Kim, St Augustine’s College
Steven Marrin, Mercyhurst College
Paul McCartney, Towson State University (MD)
Eric Sands, Berry College
William Walldorf, Auburn University

Administrative and Non-Academic

Sophie Richardson, Deputy Director, Human Rights Watch Asia

Term Appointments

Jill Abraham, James Madison University
Spencer Bakich, Sweetbriar College
Dan Disalvo, 2 year post doc at Amherst College
Jon Shields, Cornell University
Richard Skinner, Williams College


Tenure Track

Dan Coffey, University of Akron

Robert Hume, Fordham University

Alan Kendrick, St Augustine’s College

Patrick McGuinn, Drew University

Patrick Roberts, Virginia Tech

Yasir Sari, dual appointment, American University in Central Asia and Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University,  both in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Administrative and Non-Academic

Bonnie Jenkins, Program Officer, Ford Foundation

Dennis Logue, FBI, analyst Gregory Smith, Research Associate Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Term Appointments

Julie Biskner, Millikin College

Eric Cox, Texas Christian University

Richard Skinner, Bowdoin College

Rachel Vanderhill, Calvin College

William Walldorf, Post-Doc, Dartmouth College


Tenure Track

Michelle Davis, Illinois State University

Josh Dunn, U of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Ranjit Singh, Mary Washington College

Neda Zawahri, Cleveland State University

Administrative and Non-Academic

Lori Fritz, Health Policy Analyst, GAO

M. Muge Kokten, World Bank

L. Dale Lawton, Foreign Service Officer, State Dept.

Term Appointments

Dan Coffey, William and Mary

Patrick McGuinn, Colby College

Richard Skinner, Bowdoin



Tenure Track

Vincent Bonventre, Albany Law School

Mark Haas, Duquesne University

Spencer Meredith, Rochester Institute of Technology

Paige Johnson Tan, Univ of North Carolina, Wilmington

William Walldorf, Gordon College, Massachussets

Non-University or Administrative

Ed Fields, White House Bulletin

Jean McSween, Research Design Methodologist, Government Accounting Office

Kevin Tarmann, Analyst, Government Accounting Office

Term Appointments

Patrick Hume, visiting asst professor, University of Richmond

Patrick McGuinn, public policy post-doc, Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions, Brown University

Frank Sellin, visiting asst professor, Bowdoin College


Tenure Track

Rick Mayes, University of Richmond

Agniescka Paczynska, George Mason University

Xuezhi Guo, Guilford University

Non-University or Administrative

Katherine Carroll, Assistant Dean, Arts and Science, Univ. of Louisville

Michel Leonard, Associate Director of the Medley Institute, NYC

David Wills, Analyst, Defense Intelligence Agency

Term Appointments

Mark Haas, Olin Fellow, Center for Study of International Affairs Harvard University

Eric Cox, Austin College

Joshua Dunn, William and Mary

Emile Lester, William and Mary

Paul McCartney, Rutgers University

Bonnie Jenkins, Belfer Center, Harvard Univ.

Richard Skinner, SUNY Geneseo


Tenure Track

John Dinan, Wake Forest University

Aida Hozic, University of Florida

Sonia Cardenas, Trinity College

Michael Cairo, Georgetown College

Alison Millett, Towson University

Thomas Smith, University of South Florida

Non-University or Administrative

Larry Schack, Microsoft

Eric Thompson, research staff, Center for Naval Analyses

Term Appointments

Emile Lester, College of William and Mary

Paul McCartney, Rutgers University

Rick Mayes, National Science Foundation Fellowship, University of California-Berkeley


Tenure Track

Jeff Gulati, Wellesley College

Stan Humphries, Holy Cross

Howard Ernst, U.S. Naval Academy

Ka Zeng, University of Arkansas

Alice Ba, University of Delaware

Non-University or Administrative

Stan Humphries, Microsoft

Wimonkan Kosumas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand

Richard Skinner, Research Associate, Campaign Finance Forum

Term Appointments

Alison Millet, Miami University

Dennis Logue, Lynchburg College


Tenure Track

Steven Brown, Auburn University

Jeff Miller, SUNY at New Paltz

Thomas Ambrosio, Western Kentucky University

Karl Schonberg, St. Lawrence University

Robert Stacey, Lee University

Youngho Kim, Sungshin Women’s University

Bruce Larson, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Non-University or Administrative

Scott Delong, Director of Educational Programs, FBI Academy, Quantico VA

Eric Rudenshiold, Director, Inter-Parliamentary Affairs, Office of Security and Cooperation in Europe

Hui-wan Cho, Taichung University (Taiwan)

Term Appointments

Rick Mayes, University of Richmond

Sonia Cardenas, Notre Dame

Aida Hozic, Ithaca College

Michael Cairo, Southern Illinois University


Tenure Track

Timothy Collins, University of North Alabama

Richard DeMartino, Rochester Institute of Technology Business School

Jim Staab, Central Missouri State

Yoshihko Nakamoto, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Kanazawa, Japan

Non-University or Administrative

R. Bates Gill, Director of East Asian Studies, Brookings Institution

E. Paige Johnson, Harvard University Institute for International Development, in Singapore

George Perkovich, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Term Appointments

Jeff Miller, Florida Institute of Technology

Karl Schonberg, Dickinson College

Robert Stacey, University of Richmond


Tenure Track

Cary Federman, Duquesne University

Elizabeth Freund, Mary Washington

Katherine Palmer Kaup, Furman University

Thomas Smith, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey

Steven Teles, Holy Cross (now at Johns Hopkins University)

Non-University or Administrative

Daniel Dail, Drug Enforcement Administration, Director’s staff

Orson Watson, Inner City Investment Corporation

Term Appointments

J. Timothy Collins, Clarion State

James Sofka, Virginia Commonwealth University

Scott Waalkes, Calvin College


Tenure Track

Janet Adamski, Baylor University

John Blakeman, Baylor University

Beth Dougherty, Beloit College

Jean Gilman, Mary Baldwin College

Keiko Karube, Faculty of Sociology, St. Andrew’s University Osaka, Japan

Angela Leigh, Mississippi College

Non-University or Administrative

Rick Russell, Analyst, Central Intelligence Agency

James Graves, National Ground Intelligence Center

Steven Camarota, Center for Immigration Studies, Policy Researcher

Term Appointments

John Dinan, Wake Forest University

Jeff Miller, University of Memphis



Tenure Track

Chris Banks, University of Akron

Alice Hashim, University of Louisville

Steve Tauber, University of South Florida

Philip Yang, Tamkang University, Graduate Institute of Strategic Studies (Taiwan)

Jim Yoho, Wilkes University

Non-University or Administrative

Chris Sabatini, Center for Democracy, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Tse-kang Leng, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations (Taiwan)

Term Appointments

Elizabeth Freund, University of Richmond

Russell Riley, University of Pennsylvania

Steve Teles, Olin Fellowship, Harvard University