Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Classes

Undergraduate courses offered:

  • The Political Brain, PLAP 3500, Liya Yu
  • Racial Politics, PLAP 3700, regularly taught by Lynn Sanders
  • Comparative Legislatures (includes the study of legislative underrepresentation on the basis of gender, race, and ethnicity), PLCP 4200, Carol Mershon
  • Comparative Political Parties (includes the study of parties making appeals on the basis of race, ethnicity, and/or gender), PLCP 4201, Carol Mershon
  • Politics, Poverty, and Health (with the study of disparities along lines of race, ethnicity, and gender), PLAD 2500, Fall 2016, Carol Mershon
  • Gender and American Politics, PLAP 4140, Nicholas Winter
  • Political Psychology, PLAP 4150, Nicholas Winter
  • African American Political Thought, PLPT 3200, Lawrie Balfour
  • Politics and Literature (with a focus on gender, race, and literature), PLPT 4060, Lawrie Balfour
  • Feminist Political Theory, PLPT 4200, Lawrie Balfour
  • Freedom, Empire & Slavery, PLPT 4500, Lawrie Balfour
  • Slavery – Ancient, Modern, Contemporary, PAVS 4500, Lawrie Balfour
  • Gender Politics in Comparative Perspective, PLCP/WGS 3500, Denise Walsh
  • Culture and Human Rights, (ethnicity, gender and sexuality) PLCP 4500, Denise Walsh
  • Identity Politics, (race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, nation, religion) PLCP 4500, Denise Walsh
  • Gender Politics in Africa, PLCP 4840 Denise Walsh
  • US Immigration Politics, PLAP 4500, Lucila Figueroa
  • Latino Politics, PLAP 4500, Lucila Figueroa
  • PLCP 4500 Inequalities (race, ethnicity)
  • PLCP 4810 Politics of Sub Saharan Africa (race, ethnicity)

Graduate courses offered:

  • Racial Politics, Spring 2017, Lynn Sanders
  • Comparative Institutions, PLCP 8200, Carol Mershon
  • Political Psychology (same focus as listed in undergraduate course), PLAP, Nicholas Winter
  • Race, Gender, Power (formerly named “Theorizing Race and Racism” and “American Political Cultures”), PLPT 8500, Lawrie Balfour
  • Identity and the State, (same focus as listed in undergraduate course) PLCP 7500, Denise Walsh
  • Democratic Theory, Democratic Practice, (gender, ethnicity, multiculturalism) PLCP 7500, co-taught by Jennifer Rubenstein and Denise Walsh
  • Feminist Theory and Feminist Practice, PLCP 8500, co-taught by Lawrie Balfour and Denise Walsh