Board Goals & Purpose

The Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics Alumni Advisory Board, formerly known as the Department of Government and Foreign Affairs, is comprised of committed men and women who seek to continue the tradition of excellence that the Department is known for internationally. With the support of the College of Arts and Sciences, our Board seeks to build greater awareness of the value of a Politics degree in today’s changing world; to support our world-class faculty and their research goals; and to promote mentoring and networking opportunities between undergrads and alumni of all ages and career paths. We are not a fundraising board. However, we encourage our members to be on the lookout for possible major donors and put them in touch with the staff of the College Foundation.

We meet once a year in Charlottesville, and our board is comprised of graduates who have gone on to successful careers in industry, academia, journalism, law, advertising, law enforcement, medicine, the arts, Wall Street — all walks of life. Founded in 2014, we hope to have members serve three-year terms, renewable for as long as they would like. Our members cover the cost of their own travel to and from our yearly meetings.

We have one Board meeting a year, usually followed by lunch, and then our annual Life After Politics panel discussion in which successful alumni speak to undergrads about their careers after graduating from Virginia. We also sponsor “flash mentoring” sessions for small groups of alumni and students to meet each other, often the same day as Life After Politics. Our newest project has been to build support for the Triple Hoo Combo, an innovative, scalable pilot program in the Politics Department which allows a professor, two graduate students and six undergraduates to work together on a paid summer research project.

The Politics Department is the home of the most popular majors on Grounds as well as the focal point of a renowned faculty committed to excellence in teaching, research and service. In the future, the Alumni Advisory Board hopes to continue to build alumni engagement and create new educational initiatives in our pursuit of excellence.