American Politics


My research interests center on American politics, news media, gender and race. I am particularly interested in interactions between intersectional systems of oppression, political behavior, and political and media representations.


I am interested in right-wing politics with regard to American political development. Particular questions I wish to focus on in my future research include: What does the label “conservative,” a term which is thrown around frequently carrying a number of specific and not always flattering connotations, really mean in current discourse and how has it changed over time? How has the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, evolved over time to represent such varied, and sometimes competing, interests as the Christian Right, big business, and anti-immigration activists?

Van De Hey

My research interests center on American politics, mental health, race and gender, voting behavior and civic engagement. I am particularly interested in the interactions between mental health, race and gender, and civic engagement.


My research centers on American politics, with emphases in legislative institutions and state politics. I am especially interested in the mechanisms of legislative obstruction, as well as the diffusion of policy innovations. For more information, please visit my personal website.


Dr. Ruhi Ramazani (1928–2016), Edward R. Stettinius Professor Emeritus of Government and Foreign Affairs, taught at the University of Virginia from 1953 to 1994. His first class was for a group of nine students, the first course ever offered on the Middle East at UVA. Born in Iran in 1928, he emigrated to the U.S. in 1952, initially studying at the University of Georgia, then graduating from the UVA with a Doctor of Science of Jurisprudence (in international relations and law) from the School of Law in 1954.


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