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Brokers, Social Networks, Reciprocity and Clientelism
University of Michigan
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Gibson 296
Nico Ravanilla, Dotan Haim, Allen Hicken
Brokers are regarded as the lynchpins of clientelist campaign machines. Yet little
is known about them–who they are, how they target vote-buying, and whether they
are effective at mobilizing electoral support for their candidates. Combining a trove of
survey data on brokers and voters with an experiment-based measure of reciprocity, and
relying on local naming conventions to assess social network ties between brokers and
voters, we show that the interaction between network structures and voter reciprocity
inuence which brokers are employed, shape their targeting strategy, and determine
how well they influence voter attitudes and behavior. Our findings shed light on why
brokers are widely employed, and why electoral clientelism is durable.