Film Screening of “101 Seconds” and Panel Discussion with Larry Sabato

Why haven’t we been able to adopt common sense gun regulations to keep AR-15s out of the hands of school shooters?

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101 Seconds
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209 Maury Hall, University of Virginia

Film Screening and Panel Discussion featuring Larry Sabato

Following the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the city of Parkland Florida, we invite you to join us for a screening of the film 101 Seconds by Skye Fitzgerald (Spin Films ). The film is about the response to a shopping center shooting in 2012 in Oregon (AR15, masked gunman, two shoppers killed; the same week of the shooting in Sandy Hook) that prompted a heated debate in Oregon about whether to close loopholes in background checks and other modest steps. It offers a vivid portrayal of the state of politics in this country: NRA power, politicians threatened by gun enthusiasts, fear of government taking guns and freedom on the part of gun rights advocates (he interviews both sides), and outcomes in terms of policy change that are extremely marginal. By tracing what happened in five years after this incident, it should help those who are interested in seeing action after the Florida shootings understand the challenges, and might prompt some interesting discussion among colleagues from our department on whether there is anything that can break through gridlock on this issue.