Dale Copeland

Dale CopelandField: International Relations Theory (security studies and international political economy). Author of The Origins of Major War, (Cornell U.P., Cornell Studies in Security Affairs, 2000), a study of the link between the rise and decline of great powers and the outbreak of devastating system-wide wars. Second book project, Economic Interdependence and International Conflict, examines the conditions under which inter-state trade will lead to either war or peace. Other research interests include the origins of economic interdependence between great powers, the realist-constructivist divide, in-group/out-group theory and the logic of reputation-building, and the interconnection between international political economy and security studies. Recent articles include: “The Constructivist Challenge to Structural Realism” (International Security, Fall 2000); “Economic Interdependence and War” (International Security, Spring 1996); “Trade Expectations and the Outbreak of Peace” (Security Studies, Autumn 1999/Winter 2000). Recipient of numerous awards, including MacArthur and Mellon Fellowships and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University.


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