Diversity Post Doctoral Fellowship

The Department of Politics created the Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship beginning in the Fall of 2015. With support and encouragement from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the program launched with its first fellow in 2016. As part of its ongoing efforts to promote diversity and reduce homogeneity in the department, at the University, and within the field of political science; we will continue this program for the foreseeable future. The program welcomes applicants from all of the subfields of political science. Fellowships will be awarded for one year and in some cases for two years. Fellowships will be posted through political science journals and complete requirements and expectations will be posted through those postings. Fellows will be expected to teach one course a semester. The fellowship carries the title of Lecturer and pays an annual (12 month) salary, plus full-time benefits. Postdocs will receive support to attend two academic conferences a year and will be provided with an office, computer and access to University facilities and resources.

Lucila Figueroa: 2015–17 Diversity Post Doctoral Program

Current Fellows