How to Declare a Politics Major 

Students who want to join the Politics Department should follow these steps:

  1. Decide on either a Government or a Foreign Affairs major
  2. Read the requirements for each major
  3. Print out a Government or Foreign Affairs Major Requirements/Declaration worksheet, available from the Forms page
  4. Consult the Course Catalog and schedule of upcoming courses to plan a course of study, keeping the requirements in mind. Notice that this plan has to be a rough plan, because our course offerings each term are not determined until just a few months before the term begins
  5. Print out your current schedule, your Course History and/or Transfer Credit report from SIS
  6. Obtain a blank Major Declaration form from Monroe Hall or from Gibson S183.  See the Undergraduate Assistant in Gibson S183 during office hours, who will send you to an advisor or to the DUP, who will review your worksheet and sign your Major Declaration form