Politics @ Huskey 2018 Graduate Research Exhibition

March 20, 2018

The annual Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition was held Tuesday, March 20th 2018 in Newcomb Hall. Grad participants from the Department of Politics included:

  • Simonas Cepenas—Partisan Politics and Taxation: Why Some Democracies are More Heavily Taxed than Others
  • Anthony Sparacino—Republican Governors and the Nationalization of Party Politics: 1960–1968
  • Aycan Katitaş—Making Trade Electorally Salient: Trade Campaign Advertisements in the U.S.

Dr. Robert J. Huskey was a professor of Biology at the University for 32 years. To honor Dr. Huskey’s commitment to graduate students, in 2001 the Graduate Student Council introduced the Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition. Presentations are intended for a general audience and may be oral presentations, or poster talks.