Political Theory Colloquium 2011–2012

Nadim Khoury, Politics, University of Virginia
Political Reconciliation and Narrative Negotiation
Discussant: Richard Handler, Anthropology, UVA

Sam Chambers, Political Science, Johns Hopkins University
The Lessons of Rancière
Discussant: Regev Ben Jacob, Politics

Nancy Rosenblum, Government, Harvard University
Good Neighbor Nation: Taking Offense, Taking Action
Discussant: Evan Farr, Politics

Mariah Zeisberg, Political Science, University of Michigan
Presidential War Authority: The Cuban Missile Crisis and Cambodian Incursion
Discussant: Claire Timperley, Politics

Danielle Allen, School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study
Bowling Transformed: On the Re-organization of American Social Capital, 1970-1990 (Workshop)
Discussants: Justin Rose, Politics; and Mark Storslee, Religious Studies
Note: this is an Egger Lecture and will be held at a different place and time.

Justin Rose, Politics, University of Virginia
Reclaiming the American Dream: Lessons from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Notion of Democratic Service
Discussant: Chris Lebron, Politics, UVA

Nancy Love, Government and Justice Studies, Appalachian State University
Playing With Hate: White Power Music and the Undoing of Democracy
Discussant: Molly Scudder, Politics

John Lombardini, Government, William & Mary
The Ironic Socrates
Discussant: Callum Ingram, Politics