Keynote Lecture by Vijay Prashad

In the Ruins of the Present:
Neoliberalism Has Failed, Cruel Populism Has Us By the Throat

Vijay PrashadVijay Prashad is Professor of International Studies and the George and Martha Kellner Chair of South Asian History at Trinity College. He is the author of over twenty books, most recently The Death of the Nation and the Future of the Arab Revolution (California, 2016) and the edited volume Will the Flower Slip Through the Asphalt: Writers Respond to Capitalist Climate Change, which has essays by Naomi Klein, Amitav Ghosh, Rafia Zakaria, Susan Abulhawa and Masturah Alatas among others (LeftWord, 2017).

He reports regularly for Frontline and The Hindu (India), BirGün (Turkey) and Alternet (United States). He is the Chief Editor of LeftWord Books (New Delhi).