Summer 2021

The Politics Department offers a number of exciting summer courses!  Fill a requirement or try something that looks interesting:

First Session

  • The Politics of Food (PLAP3160)
  • Gender and American Political Behavior (PLAP4140)
  • GIS in the Social Sciences (PLAP4500)
  • Introduction to Poltiical Economy (PLIR3500)
  • Counterfactuals and Conflict (PLIR3500
  • Contemporary Political Theory (PLPT3030)

Second Session

  • Conspiracy Theories (PLAP3500)
  • Globalization and European Politics (PLCP3500)
  • Womean and Western Political Thought (PLPT3500)

Third Session

  • Local Politics and Issue Governance (PLAP3500)
  • Post-Conflict Politics (PLCP3500)
  • Introduction to Game Theory (PLIR2500)
  • Politics and Digital Technology (PLPT3500)


Check Lou's List for schedule and availability information.