9:30–10:00 Registration
Session chair
Meredith Woo, President, Sweet Briar College

10:00–10:10 Opening remarks and introduction
John Owen, Chair, Department of Politics, UVA
and Meredith Woo, President, Sweet Briar College

10:10–10:50 Keynote address
Candlelight Revolution, South Korean Democracy, and Changes in the Peninsula
PAIK Nak-chung, Emeritus Professor, Seoul National University

How Diplomacy with North Korea Can Work
Philip Zelikow, Professor, University of Virginia
Candles in the South, LEDs in the North, and Peace in Korea?
Jae-Jung Suh, Professor, International Christian University, Japan

Panel discussion
Session chair: Youngju Ryu (Professor, University of Michigan)

1:00–3:00 Reception