Congratulations  Robert Kubinec Assistant Professor New York University Abu Dhabi   http://bit.ly/kubinecNYU
Congratulations  Robert Kubinec Postdoctoral researcher Niehaus Center  for Globalization and Governance Princeton University  More http://bit.ly/kubinecfellowship
New Washington Post Op-Ed John Owen Chair, Department of Politics No, we’re not facing a new Cold War: Why predictions of an all-out global struggle are wrong More http://bit.ly/owencoldwar
Congratulations  Ross Mittiga Assistant Professor Instituto de Ciencia Política Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile  More arrow-circle-right http://www.cienciapolitica.uc.cl
Summer 2018 Class PLAP 3500 Campaigns and Elections  7/16–8/08 10:30–12:45, Mon–Fri Gibson Hall 142  Kal Munis
Summer 2018 Class PLAD 2222 Introduction to  Research Methods  for Political Science July 16-August 8, 1:00 Gibson 141  Carolyn Coberly
Summer 2018 Class PLCP 3500 Politics of  Southeast Asia 1:00 – 3:15, 6/18 – 7/12 Gibson 141  Geoff Gordon
Summer 2018 Class  PLAP 3160/GSVS 3160 The Politics of Food June 4-16 At Morven Farm  Paul Freedman
Summer Class List
Congratulations Foreign Policy Association Student Essay Winner  Eric Xu Question: What is America’s Biggest Challenge in the World?  More http://bit.ly/2IoN8lv
Sam Plapinger
Congratulations  April Herlevi Research Scientist China Studies Division CNA  More arrow-circle-right https://bit.ly/2eicyht
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Nothing from May 24, 2018 to June 7, 2018.

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THE DEPARTMENT OF POLITICS affirms the fundamental democratic freedoms of speech, of thought, of religion, and of assembly. As political scientists at the University of Virginia, we recognize the racism and inequality bound up with and institutionalized in the history of our University in multiple ways. We denounce the violence and terror carried out by white supremacists at UVA and in Charlottesville on August 11 and 12, 2017. We seek to practice mutual respect, promote diversity, and foster inclusion, and we reject the intolerance and hatred espoused by white supremacists.

Those of us who teach and study politics in this Department connect our work with our convictions. We do not fear debate, precisely because we are confident that arguments founded on hatred, bigotry, intimidation, and injustice cannot withstand arguments based on principles of freedom, peace, justice, and equity.


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