Affiliated and Associated Faculty

Kevin Cope headshot

Kevin Cope

Associate Professor of Law and Public Policy
John Holbein headshot

John Holbein

Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Education
David Law headshot

David Law

E. James Kelly, Jr. Class of 1965 Research Professor of Law
Shirley Lin headshot

Syaru Shirley Lin

Compton Visiting Professor
Christine Mahoney headshot

Christine Mahoney

Professor of Public Policy and Director of Social Entrepreneurship @ UVA
Paul S. Martin headshot

Paul S. Martin

Associate Professor of Public Policy
Ian Solomon headshot

Ian Solomon

Dean and Professor of Practice of Public Policy, Batten School
Allan Stam headshot

Allan Stam

Professor of Public Policy and Politics
Ken Stroupe headshot

Ken Stroupe

Associate Director, UVA Center for Politics
Craig Volden headshot

Craig Volden

Professor of Public Policy and Politics, Director of the Center for Effective Lawmaking