Political Theory Colloquium

George Klosko, presenter at the Political Theory Colloquium
George Klosko, presenter at the Political Theory Colloquium

The Political Theory Colloquium brings together UVA faculty and graduate students to discuss new and in-progress work in political theory. Visitors are drawn from UVA’s faculty and beyond, and they reflect the wide range of work being done in the field. Regular participation in the colloquium is an important component of the subfield’s professionalization and graduate training, and should be a priority for all students. The colloquium also welcomes everyone who is interested in political theory and cognate fields. Papers are distributed in advance, and participants come prepared to discuss them.

While we had hoped to go back to our in-person meetings this year, after consulting with several members of the PT subfield, we made the decision to move the fall term’s PT Colloquium meetings to Zoom. Barring even more unprecedented circumstances, we will be meeting in person during the Spring semester. At this point in time, we are releasing the schedule for this fall.

Preliminary abstracts for each paper that is being presented are available below. Paper drafts will be circulated 7–10 days before the talk via e-mail. Participants of the colloquium are responsible making themselves familiar with the circulated draft prior to the beginning of the talk. Each speaker will introduce their work with a few brief remarks. Then, an assigned discussant (in most cases, graduate students in our Department) will raise a few preliminary talking points about the draft. After the speaker responds to those comments, anyone in attendance may raise their hand and ask questions about the paper.

Please contact Ferdinand Flagstad or Sam Koreman if you would like to be added to the email distribution list for papers, if you require any accommodations to participate in the speaker series, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Unless otherwise noted, the colloquium meets 2:30-3:00pm Eastern time.

Current and Past Series


Andrew Dilts & Sarah Tyson

Loyola Marymount University, UC Denver

Jonathan Havercroft

Associate Professor, University of Southampton

Sid Issar

Post Doc, University of Virginia

Chiara Cordelli

Associate Professor, University of Chicago

Jennifer Rubenstein

Associate Professor, University of Virginia

Deva Woodly

Associate Professor, The New School for Social Research

Matt Frierdich

Graduate Student, University of Virginia

Jared Loggins

Post Doc, Amherst College

Hana Nasser

Graduate Student, University of Virginia


Alexander Livingston

Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Uday Mehta

Distinguished Professor of Political Science, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Ross Mittiga

PhD Candidate, University of Virginia


Andrew Gates

PhD Candidate, University of Virginia

Lawrie Balfour

Professor, University of Virginia

Daniel Henry

PhD. Candidate, University of Virginia

Sharon Sliwinski

University of Western Ontario

Claire McKinney

Assistant Professor, College William & Mary

Dan Luban

Junior Research Fellow, University College, Oxford


Stephen White

Professor Emeritus, University of Virginia

Naveed Mansoori

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Virginia

Molly Scudder

Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Daniel Henry

PhD Candidate, University of Virginia

Claire Timperley

Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington

Neil Roberts

Chair and Professor of Africana Studies, Williams College

Jeffrey Green

Professor and Director of Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy, University of Pennsylvania