Symposium on Korea 2018


Kwanghwamoon Square
Kwanghwamoon Square

SOUTH KOREA experienced dramatic changes in 2016 and 2017, and the drama is still unfolding. Two years ago a small number of people gathered to light candles in public to protest what they saw as government corruption. Their numbers grew quickly and the issues multiplied exponentially. Within several months, citizens poured into Kwanghwamoon Square and other public spaces throughout the country to protest various social ills and power inequalities. These candlelight demonstrations brought down the Park Geun Hye government, which had seemed beyond criticism and challenge, and ushered in a new administration that called itself the candlelight government. This conference brings together leading experts on Korea to discuss the Candlelight Revolution and its aftermath in Korea and beyond.


Organizing Committee

Jae-Jung Suh, John Owen, and Seung-Hun Lee

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