Undergraduate Program

The Politics Department is home to more majors than any other Department in the College. On average since 2000, over 700 students each year have been concentrating in one of our two majors – Government or Foreign Affairs – for their College degree.

A Politics degree enables students to approach life after college with a critical eye, an analytic edge and sensitivity to the concerns of people all over the world. Our two majors stress the acquisition of analytical and critical thinking skills; we teach students to construct arguments of their own about our political world. We hope our courses and our faculty unsettle our students a bit, creating a habit of skepticism about received wisdom. Perhaps more important, we strive to help our students develop their own ideas, support them with evidence, and put them into words and numbers that will engage and persuade their peers, their co-workers and their fellow citizens.

Students who major in the Politics Department follow many different paths after they graduate. Most of our students join the labor force upon graduation. Many students work in government itself, in public service, journalism, or in other closely related fields. An increasingly large percentage of students go on to graduate work, in one of the academic disciplines, or in policy, law or other professional schools around the country.

Please explore this webpage to learn more about our majors. If you have additional questions or concerns, contact the Director of Undergraduate Programs or our Undergraduate Assistant, Ms. Sharon Marsh.

If you would like to hear a current student's perspective, please contact our Politics Department Ambassadors, who are current Government and Foreign Affairs majors.


Thomas Archie - Government 

Najor Bennam - Government 

GK Do - Government

Emma Dwight - Government

Emily Horn - Government

Carissa Kochan - Government and DMP

Robby Lefkowitz - Government

Tombe Moja - Foreign Affairs

Sabrina Porter - Government

Joe Shaw - Government

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