Politics also at Midwest Political Science Association

April 2, 2018

ChicagoStudents and professors will also travel to Chicago for the 76th Annual MPSA Conference, April 5-8, 2018.

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Participants this year include:

Checks, Balances, and Federalism
Connor Maxwell Ewing
The Judicial Construction of Federalism
Thu, April 5, 9:45–11:15am

Courts, Transitional Justice, and Human Rights
Dana Katherine Moyer
Understanding the Decision–Implement Transitional Justice After Violent Conflict
Fri, April 6, 11:30am–1:00pm

Crime and Political Behavior
Daniel Willard Gingerich
Co-author Carlos G. Scartascini
A Heavy Hand or a Helping Hand?: Information Provision and Citizen Preferences for Anti-Crime Policy in Panama
Fri, April 6, 3:00–4:30pm

Distributive Politics in Africa
Brenton Peterson
Co-author Sarah Andrews, Principia College
The Electoral Effects of Credit Attribution for Local Development Projects
Fri, April 6, 4:45–6:15pm

Election Technology, Fraud, and Violence in Developing Countries
Brenton Peterson
Agents of the Regime: Polling Station Officials and Electoral Manipulation in Kenya’s 2017 Election
Fri, April 6, 3:00–4:30pm

Explaining Terrorist Violence II
Jihye Yang
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo: The Logic Behind Target Selection by Terrorist Organizations
Sat, April 7, 11:30am–1:00pm

Firm Lobbying and Influence
Robert Kubinec
Tell It Like It Is: A Text Analysis of Firm Rationales for Political Participation in the Middle East
Fri, April 6, 4:45–6:15pm

Ideology and Policy Preferences
Gerard Alexander
Co-author Hovannes Abramyan, Reason Foundation
Challenging the Role of Personality as a Motivator of Political Ideology
Fri, April 6, 4:45–6:15pm

Immigration Politics in Europe
Hannah Alarian
Naturalization in the aftermath of the Eurozone crisis: Evidence from the EU-15
Thu, April 5, 3:00–4:30pm

Institutional and Ideological Innovation in Autocracies
Geoffrey Landor Gordon
The Guardian’s Dilemma: Institutional Choice During Transitions from Military Rule
Fri, April 6, 11:30am–1:00pm

Institutional Persistence in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes
Anne Meng
Institutional Persistence in Authoritarian Regimes
Thu, April 5, 1:15–2:45pm

Institutions in Autocracies
Carolyn Coberly, Discussant
Sat, April 7, 11:30am–1:00pm

International Influences on Democratization
Anne Meng, Chair
Fri, April 6, 8:00–9:30am

JSS Session 17/The Study of Emotions
B. Kal Munis
Joseph Phillips, Pennsylvania State University
Steven Morgan, Pennsylvania State University
Moral-Affective Dimensions of Extremist Discourse
Sun, April 8, 11:30am–1:00pm

Latin America and the Politics of Migration
Benjamin Clay Helms
Remittances and the Decline of Dominant Parties: Democratization in Mexico
Thu, April 5, 9:45–11:15am

Legislative Accountability and Public Opinion
Daniel Folsom, University of Virginia
Boris Heersink, Fordham University
Emily Sydnor, Southwestern University
What’s your excuse? Effects of Personal and Political Justifications for Flip-Flopping
Sat, April 7, 11:30am–1:00pm

Nativism, Public Opinion, and Political Participation
Hannah Alarian, Discussant
Thu, April 5, 1:15–2:45pm

New Perspectives on Political Development
Connor Maxwell Ewing
From Predicate–Object: Constitutionalizing Sovereignty in the American Political Order
Fri, April 6, 9:45–11:15am

Outsourcing and Procurement in Public Sector
Rachel Augustine Potter
The Political Economy of Government Outsourcing in the U.S. States
Sat, April 7, 3:00–4:30pm

Overcoming Opposition: Women’s Organizations and Policy Change across the Developing World
Paromita Sen
Diana Catalina Pedraza Vallejo
Denise M. Walsh
Opposition–Women’s Civic and Political Participation in the Global South: Building a Research Agenda
Fri, April 6, 1:15–2:45pm

Parties and Party Systems
Carolyn Coberly
Authoritarian Party Systems and State Capacity
Sun, April 8, 11:30am–1:00pm

Parties, Campaigns, and Elections in APD
Anthony Sparacino
Republican Governors and the Nationalization of American Party Politics
Fri, April 6, 3:00–4:30pm

Politicians in Developing Countries
Carol A. Mershon, Discussant
Sat, April 7, 9:45–11:15am

Politics and Development in Africa
Carol A. Mershon
Co-author Olga Shvetsova, SUNY at Binghamton
Traditional Leaders and their Bargaining for Legitimacy in Dual Legitimacy Constitutional Systems
Sat, April 7, 1:15–2:45pm

Poster Session 3/Trajectories of Democratization in the 21st Century
Geoffrey Landor Gordon, Discussant
Thu, April 5, 1:15–2:45pm

Presidential Power and the Constitution
Connor Maxwell Ewing, Discussant
Sun, April 8, 9:45–11:15am

Gendered Challenges–Democratic Legitimacy
Paromita Sen
Straight From the Politician’s Mouth: Official Talk on Rape
Sat, April 7, 3:00–4:30pm

The International Dimensions of Terrorist Violence
Chen Wang
The U.S. Allies Under Fire: A Centre-Periphery Theory of Terrorists’ Target Selection
Thu, April 5, 4:45–6:15pm

The Political Economy of U.S.-China Relations
Aycan Katitaş
Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Threat Perceptions: Evidence from Chinese Investment in the U.S.
Sun, April 8, 11:30am–1:00pm

The Politics of Immigration in Canada
Hannah Alarian, Chair
Fri, April 6, 1:15–2:45pm

The Politics of Investment and Financial Stability
David Andrew Leblang
Fri, April 6, 3:00–4:30pm

The Politics of Policy-Making
Danilo Buscatto Medeiros
How Policy Preferences Interact with Income Inequality: Legislative Polarization in Brazil
Sun, April 8, 8:00–9:30am

What Makes a Good Lawmaker?
Craig Volden
Co-author Andrew James Clarke, Lafayette College
The Legislative Effectiveness of American Party Factions
Sun, April 8, 8:00–9:30am

White Racial Attitudes
Gerard Alexander
Is “Modern Racism” Actually Racism?
Sat, April 7, 4:45–6:15pm