Office Hours

Gerard Alexander
Mondays 12-1:45, and by appointment
S285 Gibson Hall

Lawrie Balfour
On Leave
S395 Gibson Hall

Colin Bird
On Leave
S495 Gibson Hall

Christopher Carter
By Appointment
Gibson Hall S254

James W. Ceaser
On Leave
S153 Gibson Hall

Danielle Charette
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12-1pm.
Gibson S154

Dale Copeland
Wednesday 12-2pm
S485 Gibson Hall 1540 Jefferson Park Ave

Kevin Duong
On Leave
Gibson S453

John Echeverri-Gent
Tuesday or Thursday 2-3 or by appt.
S462 Gibson Hall

Robert Fatton, Jr.
Wednesday 10:30-1:30, and by appointment
S496 Gibson Hall

Paul Freedman

Zoom Office Link
Monday 12:00-1:30 (via Zoom) and by appointment
S491 Gibson Hall

Peter Furia
Wednesday 2:30-3:30 (in-person) Friday 9-10 (Zoom)
295 Gibson Hall

Daniel Gingerich
Tuesdays, 10-11:30am
S254 Gibson Hall

Larycia Hawkins
By Appointment
S466 Gibson Hall

Justin Kirkland
Monday and Wednesday, 12:30-1:30pm
S463 Gibson Hall

George Klosko
Wednesday 11-1, and by appointment
S381 Gibson Hall

Charles Kromkowski
By email appointment

Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner
On Leave
464 Gibson Hall

Jennifer Lawless
Wednesdays 1-3 (via Zoom or in-person if arranged in advance)
S264 Gibson Hall

David Leblang
By Appointment
S281 Gibson Hall

Max Lykins
Friday 11-1
Gibson S163

Allen Lynch
By appointment
Gibson S397

Anne Meng
By appointment
S284 Gibson Hall

Carol Mershon
Tuesday 1:30-3:30 pm
S382 Gibson Hall

Sidney Milkis
Thursday 1-3
253 Gibson Hall; Alternate Office: G025 Miller Center

John M. Owen, IV
Monday 3:30-5:30
S465 Gibson Hall

Sonal Pandya
Virtual Office Hours: M 4-6pm or by appointment
S262 Gibson Hall

Karl Pfefferkorn
By appointment

Vijay Phulwani
Tues & Wed 2-3pm
Gibson Hall S161

Evan Pivonka
By Appointment
Newcomb 486

Rachel Augustine Potter

Zoom Office Link
Tuesday 11-1 via Zoom
S384 Gibson Hall

Philip Potter
On Leave
261 Gibson Hall

Albert Rivero
Parental leave, first eight weeks of the semester; afterward, Tuesdays 10am-12pm
Gibson S265

Jennifer Rubenstein
Tuesday 12-1:30 and by appt
S391 Gibson Hall

Larry J. Sabato
By appt only. Contact
Center for Politics 465 Crestwood Drive

James D. Savage
Wednesday 12:30-1:30
S483 Gibson Hall

Leonard Schoppa

Zoom Office Link
Monday and Wednesday 4-5pm
S461 Gibson Hall

Herman Mark Schwartz
Monday and Wednesday 12:45-1:45pm
S497 Gibson Hall

Todd Sechser
by appointment
S282 Gibson Hall

Shiran Victoria Shen
On Leave
S266 Gibson Hall

Michael Joseph Smith

Wed 2-5 Th 2-4 and by appointment.
S396 Gibson Hall

Allan Stam
By appointment
Garrett 107

Yuri Urbanovich

Wed 15:30 – 17:00
262 New Cabell Hall

Holly Vradenburgh
Tuesday 4:30-5:30 and by appointment
Gibson S164

David Waldner
Thursdays, 1-3pm
S263 Gibson Hall

Denise Walsh
Tuesdays 6-7pm
Levering Hall, Room 202

Nicholas J.G. Winter
by appointment
385 Gibson Hall

Kirill Zhirkov
Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-3:30 and by appointment
Gibson Hall, S383