2018 Huskey Graduate Research Presentation Schedule

March 19, 2018

Please join our graduate scholars presenting at the 2018 Huskey 2018 Graduate Research Exhibition.

This year’s political scientists:
Simonas Cepenas
Partisan Politics and Taxation: Why Some Democracies are More Heavily Taxed than Others
Anthony Sparacino
Republican Governors and the Nationalization of Party Politics: 1960–1968
Aycan Katitaş
Making Trade Electorally Salient: Trade Campaign Advertisements in the U.S.
Nicholas Jacobs
The Political Dynamics of “Creative Federalism”: President Johnson, the Mayors, and the Development of Federal Local Urban Policy in the 1960s

Dr. Robert J. Huskey, professor of Biology, served the University of Virginia for 32 years. As Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Dr. Huskey sought to improve the graduate student experience, in particular by developing assistantships and providing affordable health care. To honor Dr. Huskey’s commitment to graduate students, in 2001 the Graduate Student Council introduced the Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition. This upcoming exhibition will mark the 18th annual opportunity for graduate students to present their innovative research with the University of Virginia community.
The exhibition is intended for a general audience. High-scoring presentations will effectively 1) set up the question being investigated; 2) frame the question in context of its broader importance; 3) communicate an evidence-based argument; 4) be accessible to an audience of diverse educational backgrounds.

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