Scholars Abroad: 2017 Quandt Fund Winners

April 10, 2017

Winners of the 2017 Quandt Fund

Gregory Lannon, for research in Czechoslovakia and Japan on Russian foreign policy toward Eastern Europe and Japan in the early 1990s.   He will do archival research in both Prague and Hokkaido.

Carolyn Coberly, for research in Moscow on the role of non-governmental political parties in an authoritarian regime.

Jennifer Simons for research in France on the role of ethnic and religious minorities in the rise of radical right-wing parties in Europe.

Aurora Lofton, for an internship in Oxford to increase her understanding of the international refugee problem.

Yuang Cao, for research in Cangdong village in Guangdong Province, China, on how a very remote region is affected by larger issues of national politics.

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