Fulfilling the Fulbright: James Savage’s Teaching and Research Award

February 22, 2017
James Savage headshot

James Savage will be teaching and conducting research at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna for Spring 2017 semester. The Fulbright-Diplomatic Academy Visiting Professor of International Studies award, will allow professor Savage to teach courses on U.S. Foreign Policy and Failed States and State Building, while conducting research on Funding for Research and Development in Austria.

The Academy was founded in 1754 as the Oriental Academy to train diplomats for the Habsburg monarchy. It later became the Consular Academy and in 1964, the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. In 1996 an independent public training institution.

The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna describes itself as "a postgraduate professional school, dedicated to preparing talented university and college graduates for international careers and positions of leadership in international organizations, the EU, in public service and in international business." They focus on international relations, political science, international and EU law, economics, history and languages.

Savage's research includes comparative budgetary, fiscal, and macroeconomic policy with an emphasis on the United States, the European Union, Iraq and Japan. He is particularly interested in the development of macrobudgetary rules, procedures, and institutions in these countries, and how they influence fiscal outcomes.

In addition to his research, Savage’s service to the University includes serving as Executive Assistant to the President for Federal Relations, Assistant Vice President for Research and Federal Relations and Director, Masters of Administration and Mid-Career Programs.

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