New Article by Asst. Prof. Kevin Duong in APSR

January 21, 2021
Kevin Duong headshot

American Political Science Review, the flagship journal of the American Political Science Association, has published a powerful new article by Assistant Professor Kevin Duong. Dr. Duong's essay, "Universal Suffrage as Decolonization," is available online through APSR's "first look" feature, and will appear in a forthcoming edition of the print journal. According to Dr. Duong, the title of the essay represents "an important but forgotten dream of twentieth-century political thought." Black Atlantic radical thinkers envisioned the universal enfranchisement of colonized peoples as a "vector" by which the oppressed could transform imperial institutions from within, democratically. This is Dr. Duong's first publication of the year, following three publications in 2020, including his first book.