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Dr. Lynn Uzzell Published in RealClearPublicAffairs

March 30, 2021

Lecturer Lynn Uzzell's article, "Madison’s Five Lessons for Overcoming Polarization," was recently published by the website Real Clear Public Affairs as part of that publication's "1776 Series." Dr. Uzzell is an expert on the political thought of James Madison, having served for several years as the Scholar in Residence at the Center for the Constitution at Montpelier. The "five lessons" she draws from this author of the Constitution include: teaching classical rhetoric to young people, encouraging both sides of political arguments, socializing with political "enemies," refraining from personal attacks, and "repenting" for errors and excesses made in the heat of political arguments. Read the full piece here: https://www.realclearpublicaffairs.com/articles/2021/03/18/madisons_five...