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Brittany Leach

My areas of interest include identity, subjectivity, democracy,  contentious politics, sovereignty, imagination, critical theory, and continental philosophy. I approach the study of identity from an intersectional perspective, but I am most firmly rooted in the tradition of feminist theory and gender scholarship. This connects with my interest in subjectivity, because I am interested in how particular forms of subjectivity are imposed onto or resisted by particular bodies as well as how political subjectivity can be strategically deployed by activists at a macropolitical level. Within democratic theory, I focus the role of activism (particularly protest) and other forms of agonistic disagreement. This intersects with my interest in sovereignty through my work on transnational social movements. My research on imagination deals with the ways that particular bodies and subjects are imagined, the capacity to imagine new forms of collective life, the forms of imagination we instantiate within the discipline of political science, and the faculty of imagination itself. In all of these areas, my research is guided by the insights of critical theorists (primarily those working in the traditions of feminist theory, critical race theory, and Marxism) and continental philosophers (particularly French, German, and Italian thought).

Graduate Student

<p>Gibson Hall, 1540 Jefferson Park Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22904</p>

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