John M. Owen, IV

John M. Owen IV is Amb. Henry J. and Mrs. Marion R. Taylor Professor of Politics, and a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture and the Miller Center for Public Affairs.  He is author Confronting Political Islam: Six Lessons from the West’s Past (Princeton, 2014), of The Clash of Ideas in World Politics: Transnational Networks, States, and Regime Change, 1510-2010 (Princeton, 2010), and of Liberal Peace, Liberal War: American Politics and International Security (Cornell, 1997), and co-editor (with Judd Owen) of Religion, the Enlightenment, and the New Global Order (Columbia, 2011).  He is co-author, with Richard Rosecrance, of International Politics: How History Modifies Theory (Oxford, 2018).  He has published in the European Journal of International RelationsForeign AffairsInternational Organization, Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft, International Security, International Studies Quarterly, National Interest, New York Times, Perspectives on Politics, Washington Post, USA Today, and a number of edited volumes.  Currently he is writing a book on how the evolution of liberalism is affecting the spread and contraction of democracy and American influence around the world.  Owen holds an A.B. from Duke University, an M.P.A. from Princeton University, and a Ph.D. from Harvard University.  He has held fellowships at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Oxford universities.  His research has been supported by grants from the Mellon, MacArthur, Donchian, Earhart, and Smith Richardson foundations and the Army Research Laboratory.  From July 2011 through June 2014 he was Editor-in-Chief of Security Studies.  He is on the editorial board of that journal and of International Security. In 2015-16 he received a Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and spent the academic year at the Free University of Berlin and the WZB Berlin Social Science Research Center. In 2020-21 he was a Visiting Professor at the University of British Columbia.

Ambassador Henry J. and Mrs. Marion R. Taylor Professor of Politics

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