Paul S. Martin

Paul Martin is a political scientist who studies how and when political elites respond to the preferences of ordinary people. His research also examines how and when citizens become involved in the policy process.

Martin was an Assistant Professor of Politics at the University of Oklahoma and an APSA Congressional Fellow in the office of Congressman David R. Obey.  He is a recipient of a Harvard University Goldsmith Award for research on how citizen participation responds to “bad news” about national conditions and a Dirksen Congressional Research Award for his study of how members of congress respond to district participation.

Because of his extensive service and involvement in the Charlottesville community, including serving on the Community Development Block Grant Taskforce and on the boards of nonprofits, he was asked to develop and teach Batten’s first course on philanthropy.

He runs a pilot program, called BattenCorps, that combines service and academics for undergraduate teams of students working on projects for local NGOs. 

Paul is a first-generation college graduate and an active supporter of AccessUVA.

Associate Professor of Public Policy

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